She was born in Athens. She studied piano, theory, music harmony at the National Conservatory and a degree in contemporary singing from the National Conservatory..

She starts her career in singing at a young age playing piano or guitar in music scenes in Athens.

Her first important collaboration came very quickly with Yannis Spanos.

Followed by cooperation with Kostas Hatzis in REX and participates in his album "ROM my love" performing 7 songs, playing guitar with him for the same recording.

The following summer, he takes part in concerts of Vassilis Papakonstantinou.

After these important collaborations - experiences, she begins to create her personal musical path, presenting her own musical programs in well-known venues.

The "isabella live" is one of those that has the artistic curation of the program.

The venue is very successful, attracts a mainly young audience and is a proposal that offers entertainment through contemporary art repertoire.

In 1996-7 Krinio Nikolaou collaborates with Dimitris Mitropanos at the ZOOM music scene where she participates in the live recording of the performance "ZOOM '96". Summer concerts follow.

IN 1998 she presents her first personal work "TO FILI AND TOCHASTUKI" with 4 songs of her own and other artists.

Later she appears in well-known music scenes where he presents this work along with songs by well-known composers.

In 2004 she presents a new work in a CD containing 5 songs with her own music entitled "OTI AGAPISAME ANTEHEI.

The following year she presents the album "APO TATIA TATIA XPOMA" with 13 songs.

In 2006 she curated a musical programme titled "LOVE 4 SEASONS" where it is presented at "ZOOM" in Plaka.

In 2009 she prepares her record "I ZOI STIS OTHONES" and presents it the next year at the live stage "Metropolis".

The fact that she has successfully edited programmes was the reason for her collaboration with the Radio Station 96.5 "ALFA" group, where she was the music director of the station.

She has set poetry to music, most recently the poem "tTO KALESMA TIS TEHNIS" from the poem collection "Stegi anazitiseon"

In 2012 she presents the new cd single "M' a kiss".

In 2013 he covered the well-known song "Iparho" by X. Nikolopoulos - N.Gatsos on the occasion of her collaboration with Stamatis Kraounakis in the successful performance "I AGALIA I MEGALI" at the "Turtle" in Gazi.

In 2014 she presents a program dedicated to Greek and foreign cinema at Half Note. in the first part playing a musical game between them... and in the second part performing songs from her personal discography!

The same program is also presented in the music scene "Rhythmos stage" and in other Major scenes.

In 2018 she sang a duet with Lavrentis Machairitsas on "Agapi Planodia", which she composed herself and participated in a concert with him!

Later he is on the same stage with Vangelis Germanos, playing and singing with him.

In 2021 she presents the full length album "KOITA ME AΠLA".

The following year she starts writing a new cycle of songs.

In December 2022 she presents the first single entitled "METEORI".

In February 2023 she presents the second single "XPOMA SIOPIS".

At the same time she performs in music scenes, in POLYCHOROS POLIS and CAJA DE MUSICA.

In April, the 3rd single in a row titled "RIXE MIA" will follow.

In the autumn of 2023, the single "My own friends" will follow.

In April 1st 2024, the single "PSEFTIKES ALITHIES"